Baby In Mind

Australia’s largest infant mental health promotion charity.

The mission of Baby in Mind is to ensure all children enjoy the life-long benefits that come from having early
relationships that are loving, healthy and secure.

BIM Icons-Green 368-Alternate-FirstTouch368-aOur First Touch Program

The First Touch Program is a relationship-based intervention that takes the form of a five-session parent-baby group program. Using a health promotion framework, the program addresses the specific security and interaction needs of infants, as distinct from older children.

The First Touch Program uses evidence-based and evidence-informed strategies to support and promote the development of healthy, secure attachment relationships between parents and infants. Activities in the First Touch Program involve a mix of infant massage, use of sensitve/ responsive touch, voice, singing, pacing, eye-gazing, movement and other interactions and is used in diverse clinical, community and social settings across Australia.  Learn More

BIM Icons-Green 368-Alternate-Certificate368-aNationally accredited training to support parent-infant interaction

We offer the only nationally recognised, accredited infant massage training in Australia. Graduates are qualified to deliver the First Touch Program to parents and babies and work in health and community services, as well as in private practice.

This course is the only training program available in Australia which meets the government & industry approved competency standard for Delivering Cue-Based Infant Massage and Parent-Infant Relationship Education to Families. Graduates receive a a nationally (government) recognised Statement of Attainment, meeting the International Association of Infant Massage Australia certification standards. Some scholarships are available. Learn more.

BIM Icons-Green 368-Alternate-Mother-Baby368-aTake an in-depth look

Our First Touch Program brings together many different types of evidence-informed and scientifically-grounded interventions to support the development of early parent-baby relationships. Interestingly, research shows the simplest of measures to support parent-baby bonding and high-quality relationships in the first 12 months is one of the single, most effective things we can do to reduce impacts of violence, poverty and social isolation.  The focus of our work is to support parent-baby relationships to promote this early development. Take an in depth look at ths science that informs our work. Learn more.

BIM Icons-Green 368-Alternate-Magnifying368-aFor parents and health services: Find a Certified Educator

Find a First Touch Program in your area, with a Certified educator trained to national accreditation standards. Our educators provide community-based and public programs, private groups (e.g. for mothers groups), as well as contract sessions for health and community services. Search now.


This course and the resultant qualifications are recognised as fundamental professional development within all our child and parenting programs. These include programs with a mental health focus, parenting skills, family support, therapeutic services to families within homelessness and domestic violence services. This short course is, to my knowledge the only accredited training available with a focus on infants and parents relationships, is cheap, and cost effective to run. The course is excellent.

Deb LockwoodManager, Children's Services Relationships Australia SA

I just love the connections that come for parents attending the First Touch Program. Parents coming together to share time with their babies and each other, they become so much more aware of how much babies communicate right from birth. Seeing a mother and baby interacting in this way is so beautiful!

Jill HembryPaediatric Physiotherapist

I trained with Baby in Mind to continue my journey to help parents recognise their baby's cues, reflexes and behaviours. It has now developed further, to empower families to build relationships and to also respect the infant. I feel rewarded and relaxed each time i facilitate a first touch infant massage course- it is not all one way! Some mums have not had a nurturing and respectful childhood or adulthood, and some have physical and mental health issues. Seeing the group 'bond' and feel comfortable enough share and have fun and learn and feel confident is so rewarding.

Sue SaundersMidwife, IBCLC

I became interested in touch communication because I was working in Neonatal Intensive Care. I realised that the babies had a lot of problems with touch, and how profound the change in parent-infant bonding can be through supporting parents to be with their babies using touch. I then did the First Touch Program training with Baby in Mind. Using the skills I learned to support parents, is as if the baby becomes fully switched on and present, and the parent becomes aware of that presence. A whole different relationship starts to develop.

Julie McNallNeonatal Intensive Care Nurse

The whole ethos of Baby in Mind and the First Touch Program, is about supporting parents to understand their babies cues, to slow down and observe their babies, to connect with their babies that is so rewarding and means so much more long term for that baby's well-being.

Caroline HeckendorfPeer Educator



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