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January 2017

Train With Us

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Baby in Mind offer nationally accredited training in cue-based infant massage and parent-infant relationship education.

This training qualifies you to deliver the First Touch Program: which helps parents build confidence in recognising their baby’s cues. At the same time, you’ll provide parents with skills to respond sensitively to these cues using baby massage, other forms of healthy touch, movement, voice and eye contact.

This is the only government-accredited infant massage training program available in the world.
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Support Project Molly

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*Molly was a baby we worked with in 2013. She was admitted to hospital, and then put in to foster care at the age of only 7 months old, after shocking physical abuse. Her hospital records showed she had multiple bruises, cigarette burns, and a fracture in her wrist that had not been treated. She was also severely underweight and malnourished. Read More

We Can’t Show You This Photo of an Abused Baby

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(This article talks about child abuse and neglect, and contains video that may be upsetting)

Our organisation, Baby in Mind, is dedicated to promoting and supporting the bond between parents and babies. Although this bonding is ‘natural’, it doesn’t always come easily to many parents and for many families. It is normal for parents to grapple with feelings of uncertainty and doubt, and for love to take time. We support all parents in bonding with their babies.

But for some parents we work with, the bonding process is completely derailed.  Our educators who work in neonatal intensive care, drug recovery centres, psychiatric units, and child abuse services do some of the most harrowing work in the world: supporting parents (or foster parents) to help their babies love and trust again.

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