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Promoting nurturing parenting through infant massage

This course will provide you with knowledge to assist in critically examining and evaluating the quality of different approaches to infant massage education and which ones, in particular, appear to result in improved parent-infant relationship outcomes.

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Infant Massage in Australia

This module challenges some of the popular ideas about "infant massage". We explore some historical influences on the development of infant massage and students will complete the course with some of the knowledge necessary to understand the range of factors that may be important in evaluating different approaches to infant massage education.

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Touch and Human Development

First, we will explore how touch relates to early human development. We will explore some key research influencing our understanding of how touch influences the development of emotional and affect regulation, and also how some key themes in touch-related research relate to affect regulation. We will also giving some thought to how people’s own experiences and cultural beliefs about touch can impact on the quality of these early opportunities for supporting infant development.

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