Community Partners

We are so grateful to the organisations who provide active support, sponsorship and partnerships to Baby in Mind. These organisations and companies share our commitment to a vision that all babies will experience the life-long benefits that come from having early relationships that are loving, healthy and secure.

If you would like to support Baby in Mind and have your company listed on this page, please contact us for details about our sponsorship program.

Impact 180 Members

Impact 180 is our flagship program for business leaders from around Australia, who have joined with Baby in Mind to ignite a 180-degree turn around in early childhood mental health development.

Our Impact 180 partners are all businesses who are interested in much more than writing an annual cheque. Impact 180 members are leaders who are deeply interested in exploring how enterprise can be used to address complex social problems and create significant change. Our Impact 180 members are people who are energized, rather than intimidated, by the challenge of expanding the ways their business can leave a legacy of a more humane society.

Impact 180 is suitable for businesses of all sizes, including those with small budgets for charity giving and philanthropy. To enquire about partnering your business with Impact 180, please contact our Directors personally via Philip Baker.

What your business can do

Impact 180 businesses provide scholarships for health workers in your local community, your target market, or community of interest to attend nationally accredited training. Once qualified, the health worker is able to deliver the evidence-informed First Touch Program to families to help promote early development.

Impact 180 Businesses are helping to directly target these early developmental needs, during the first year of life, at the time it has the greatest preventative impact.

Impact 180 is suitable for businesses of all sizes, including those with small budgets for charity giving and philanthropy. To enquire about partnering your business with Impact 180 and establishing a branded scholarship in your name, please contact our Directors personally via Philip Baker.

I’m not doing my philanthropic work, out of any kind of guilt, or any need to create good public relations.

I’m doing it because I can afford to do it, and I believe in it.

~George Soros

Natural Therapy Pages is Australia’s largest directory of holistic health practitioners and NTPages is the most visited natural health site across Australia. Every day the team at NTPages works to connect a community of health-conscious people — 600,000 monthly visitors — with more than 13,000 natural therapy practitioners in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

NTPages also host the Natural Therapy Courses website which offers advice and insights, as well as listings for thousands of holistic health courses across Australia. See the impact of NTPages’ donation.

Zoho creates beautiful software to solve business problems. Baby in Mind chooses Zoho software to run our organisation and have never regretted it. That’s because with Zoho you don’t just get the product. You get an enduring commitment to keep improving. You get to experience a relentless devotion to customer satisfaction. We believe that a lot of companies say this, but we’ve only experienced a few who deliver on this sort of promise in the way Zoho does.  Our way of working is closely aligned to Zoho’s. Just like us here at Baby in Mind, Zoho invests more in its services than it does in marketing. By keeping their cost of attracting customers low, they keep their prices affordable. They understand what small and medium businesses and organisations need and want out of their software companies. See the impact of Zoho’s donation.