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Promoting nurturing parenting through infant massage

Explore how different approaches to infant massage education appear have different impacts on parent-infant relationships.

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Touch Brain Development Course

Touch in Infant Mental Health and Brain Development

Explore how touch influences development of emotional and affect regulation, and the factors shaping touch interaction between parents and babies.

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Premature Birth and Touch: Elsa Silva

A lecture presentation (2012) by Elsa Silva on the experience of touch for babies born prematurely, and their parents

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Evolutionary Biology and Modern Neuroscience – What Mothers Always Knew: Nils Bergman

A lecture presentation (2012) by Dr. Nils Bergman on the neurobiological and behavioural implications of early interaction, touch and skin-to-skin contact.

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Pleasant Touch and Infant Social Development

A research review of "Physiological and behavioural responses reveal 9-month-old infants' sensitivity to pleasant touch", by Merle T. Fairhurst, Line Loken, and Tobias Grossman

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