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Cue-Based Infant Massage Course – Block 2 – Week 1: Course Introduction

Week 1 Module:

Course introduction and parent engagement


After some simple orientation activities to build your confidence in using an online course package, we begin the course by introducing the First Touch Program guidelines. These guidelines form the basis of high-quality infant massage education, and are used by infant massage educators to shape their programs to promote effective outcomes for babies and their families.

We explore the role of relationship-based practice and how our use of this approach can influence the way we engage parents in services and programs. These principles are then applied to two of the First Touch Program guidelines, which we cover in-depth. This week’s module concludes with a practical activity that will support your use of relationship-based practice in the infant massage education setting.

Module Topics:

  1. Course introduction and overview.
  2. Succeeding as a student.
  3. Parent engagement.


Format: This module is delivered online, using a combination of video lectures, readings, group discussions and practical activities.

Completion: Students are not required to be online at any particular time during the week, and activities can be undertaken at any time that suits the student. However, the module (including all assessment tasks) must be completed by the end of week 1, in the course in  which the student is enrolled.

Duration: Content for this module is X hrs and X mins. Students are advised to allow another X – X hrs to complete readings and assessment activities.


We apply the principles of adult learning to assessment in this module.  As an adult learner, the purpose of assessment is not to “test” or “trick” our students. Instead, our belief is that the purpose of assessment is to give you the opportunity to provide evidence of, and to demonstrate your knowledge and your skills in a way that has meaning for you – rather than just giving you assignments for the sake of “ticking a box”.

For this reason, where possible and appropriate, we use in-class assessment methods. This means that the learning activities you do in the course-work can also be used as evidence of your knowledge and skills for assessment purposes (rather than doing the learning activities and then being assessed separately).

In this module, the learning and assessment tasks that will showcase and provide evidence of your knowledge and skill are:

In-class assessment

  1. Self-directed learning plan
  2. Join the student community
  3. Discussion topic: Parent Engagement
  4. Parent persona


  1. Quiz (3 questions)

All assessment items are due by mindnight on Sunday, at the end of week 1.


This module is open to students who are formally enrolled in the nationally recognised course in Cue-Based Infant Massage and Parent-Infant Relationship Education.

For more information on enrolling in this training please see our course handbook.

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