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1 Video Lecture
4 Activities
1.5 Hours

Premature Birth and Touch

a presentation by Elsa Silva

This course consists of a presentation by Elsa Silva, a neonatal, NIDCAP-trained, nurse practitioner, supported with some short reflection activities. In her presentation, Elsa provides an overview of the way that touch impacts on babies born prematurely, and their families. The specific touch needs and experiences of preterm babies are considered, as well as the way that touch can mediate the trauma and experience of hospitalisation on parents and babies.

Strengthen your knowledge

~listen to a lecture by an expert practitioner or researcher  ~

~ reflect on the content ~

~ consider the relevance of the research to your practice ~

~ gain a certificate of completion for CPD ~

Deepen your understanding

On successful completion of this package you will be able to:

(a) describe some of implications of early interaction, touch and skin-to-skin contact for infant development in relation to social, emotional and mental health; and

b) identify some implications of this information for your own practice.

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Continuing professional development:

On successful completion of the set learning activities, you will be able to download a certificate of completion which you can use as evidence of your professional learning.

This package is allocated 1.5 hours.

Professional members of Baby in Mind can use this course toward a Preterm Baby and Infant Massage badge.


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