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Course FeesReduced Course Fee

$ 1270

$2646 value – you save over $1350!!!

No-interest payment plans available

Three-day hands-on training workshop

Small class sizes guaranteed

12 month enrolment period

Full academic support from your trainer during enrolment

Award of Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment (on successful completion)

FREE upgrade to Professional Membership and registration to deliver the First Touch Program for the remainder of your initial enrolment period (on successful completion)

FREE one-day refresher course can be taken any time during membership**

Student RegistrationCovers Student Costs

$ 370

$440 value:

Liability and indemnity insurance whilst a student

Teaching/ demonstration doll

12 month membership to Baby in Mind (including access to all member benefits, discounts, free items and subscriptions)

All course reading materials, notes and publications

All course text books

Parent resource kit (printed handouts, baby massage oils) for completion of your student practical assignment.

Fee Transparency

Baby in Mind is a national not-for-profit charity. We aim to offer training that is as accessible as possible. For this reason, we set our course fees to you at the lowest possible price.

Although the full cost of providing this training is over $3000 per student, your fees are reduced to just over $1,600.

This is because all students receive an automatic subsidy of approximately $1,400, funded directly by Baby in Mind. We do not receive any government funding to subsidise these course fees. Instead, we reduce the final costs to you by fundraising. As a result, our course fees are significantly discounted, and are made as affordable as possible for everyone.

There is no ‘mark-up’ or profit built into the fees that you pay.

In addition, you may be able to apply for a scholarship or additional fee support to reduce your costs further:

Full and Partial Scholarships

Baby in Mind works with many business partners in the community who recognise the importance of supporting early infant mental health. Our business partners participate in an initiative called Impact 180, and provide scholarships to assist with fees for this training.

A range of scholarships are available and cover either part, or all, of the course fees.

Most scholarships are directed toward existing health workers and volunteers who work directly with more vulnerable families. We also have some scholarships available for members of particular professional organisations, as well as women re-entering the workforce.

Over the past two years our scholarship program has become extremely competitive and we have received hundreds more applications than we have had scholarships available for. In addition, our training program is rigorous and in-depth which means that awardees must have complete commitment to completing the training.

For these reasons, our available scholarships are now only open to students already enrolled in the course. Applicants are reviewed for the scholarship after successful graduation from the Cue-Based Infant Massage course. The scholarship is awarded in the form of a grant to the value of the scholarship.

Payment Plans

Baby in Mind offers a range of no-interest payment plan options to suit your budget. Payment plans are available for three, six, 12, 24 and 36 month terms. You can read more detail about this here.

Additional Fee Support

As this course is nationally recognised, you may be eligible for further financial assistance from a range of other sources:

(1) If you are on a low income, already in receipt of Centrelink benefits, or an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Health Worker, you may be eligible for an additional Centrelink supplement to undertake accredited training. As a first step, you should contact your Centrelink office to see if you are eligible.

(2) If you are the spouse (married or de-facto) of someone serving the Defence Services, you may be eligible for a part or full scholarship from Defence Community Organisation under the PEEP Scheme. If this applies to you, talk with your local office about what financial assistance you may be eligible for.

(3) Some of our students receive fee support from employment or return-to-work schemes.

Additional Costs

Essential additional costs:

We try to include as much as possible in your course fees. However, there are some other costs you need to factor in to your budget.

(1) Student prac. costs

Following the three-day training course, your assessment tasks include delivery of the First Touch Program to five families. We include most of the essential resources you will need to complete this in your student pack. This includes your parent handouts and baby massage oils to provide to parents.

However, depending on your circumstances, there may some extra costs to complete your practical assessment. For example: costs of providing tea & coffee to parents, any printing you might need. Depending on your situation you may also need to hire of a venue (though most students are able to source a venue for free).

(2) Other incidental costs:
You may also have other incidental costs associated with your training. These are typically the same sorts of costs associated with undertaking any sort of study: for example, paper and printing, and childcare costs you need in order to complete your studies, petrol, etc.

Optional additional costs:

Additional costs you may need to consider are:

~ Costs of airfares, travel, accommodation etc. to attend the face-to-face training if you live out-of-area.

~ Any additional resources you wish to purchase – e.g. books, materials to set up your teaching kit, etc.

Notes on course inclusions

** Any eligible member of Baby in Mind, can re-attend or re-take any section of the training course, up to one day, FREE of charge. This is included in Student membership and the Premium Professional membership.

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