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You will need to complete the following infant massage course assessment items:

Block 2 Infant Massage Course Assessment

  • Join a weekly discussion group with other students.
  • Complete a weekly quiz (usually 3-6 questions).
  • Some weeks – submit a learning task or mini-project.

Please allow 1-3 hours per week for assessment activities. Where possible, assessment is built into the learning tasks.

Block 3 Infant Massage Course Assessment

  • Attend 3-day training workshop
  • Participate in workshop activities, including supervised practical teaching with parents and babies.

Block 4 Infant Massage Course Assessment

  • Deliver the full First Touch Program (in your local community or workplace) to a minimum of five families
  • Submit your teaching materials, lesson plans, reflection and the parents’ evaluation of your teaching.
Student practical assignment

Your assessment includes teaching the full First Touch Program to a five families. You will need to find these five families yourself.

It is your responsibility to find families to participate in your student class. However, we will help and provide advice where possible.

If you live in a small community, or do not yet have strong referral networks, you may need to allow extra time to find parents for your student class.

We account for this, by allowing students up to 12 months to submit all assessment items.

Completing practical assessment with existing clients in a service

Many health professionals complete their practical program with parents who are clients of their service.

If you intend to do this, please note: all parents attending your program must complete evaluation and consent forms which contain identifying information. You will need to submit these forms as part of your assessment.


We will give detailed feedback if any of your assessment tasks do not meet the pass criteria. You are allowed to re-submit your assessment if needed.

You will be required to re-enrol in the course if more than three re-submissions of your assignment are required or if your enrolment period has expired.


You must pass all assessment items withing 12 months of the start date of Block 2.

Your enrolment will expire if your assessment items are not submitted within 12-months from this date  (and successfully passed). This means you will need to re-enrol in the course.

Students with additional/ diverse learning needs

This is an accredited infant massage course. We are required to collect evidence to demonstrate your competency, and this is the purpose of assessment items.

However, our processes for assessment may not suit all students.

If you have a disability, literacy or language barrier that makes these assessment tasks hard, please discus your learning needs with your trainer in advance. We are happy to negotiate different assessment methods for students with different learning needs.

infant massage course assessment
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