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Nationally Accredited Infant Massage Training - Baby in Mind

Infant massage course content:

The cue-based infant massage training will empower you to transform early parent-baby relationships.

This training will qualify you to teach the First Touch Program. This is a program which supports responsive and sensitive interaction between parents and babies. The program is evidence-informed, peer-reviewed and strengths-based.

infant massage course content

This infant massage course content will equip you with the knowledge, skills and insights to deliver parent education programs in cue-based infant massage.

This training is the only nationally (government) accredited infant massage course in Australia. The program meets the national competency standards in Delivering Cue-Based Infant Massage Education to Families. The program is also the only also infant massage course in Australia to meet, and exceed, the International Association of Infant Massage (Australia) standards.

You will be eligible to register with Baby in Mind as a parent educator, and to be licenced to deliver the First Touch Program to families.

This infant massage course content covers a wide variety of topics, including:

Rethinking infant massage

Touch and human development
History of infant massage in Australia
Mechanisms of high-quality infant massage education

You can do these three modules straight away for free.

Parent-infant communication

Talking with touch
The experience of touch
Relationship-based practice
Bonding and attachment

The authentic conversation

First Touch Program – 16 protocols and guidelines
Positioning and infant regulation
Environments to support parent-infant interactions
Supporting parent mindfulness
Infant massage routines – feet, legs, tummy, chest, arms, face, back
Gentle movements
Voice, singing, rhymes
Eye contact and facial expression
Massage for unsettled babies
Touch and the pre-term baby
Nesting and containment holds
Touch relaxation
Babies with additional needs
Adaptations for older children

The baby as teacher

Infant communication
Behavioural states
Infant cues, stress, reflexes and supporting parent sensitivity
Timing of massage
Infant crying, communication and emotion
Parent-baby group delivery
The Good Facilitator
Listening to the baby
Facilitating parent interactions

Beginning as an educator 

Engaging parents (or colleagues) in the First Touch Program
Planning promotion and marketing
Code of Conduct
Legal issues
Professional Networking
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