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Nationally accredited infant massage course

Baby in Mind provides training for students who wish to undertake a nationally accredited infant massage course.

Baby in Mind offers the only nationally (government) recognised, accredited infant massage course in Australia.

There is a lot of information (and mis-information!) about accredited infant massage courses in Australia.

What is an accredited infant massage course?

Australia has a very complex training system, run by the government. In Australia, a nationally ‘accredited’ course is one that has been through a government review and approval process. This process also includes an independent review by experts. All other courses in Australia are called non-accredited or non-vocational.

Are all infant massage courses in Australia accredited?

No, because infant massage in Australia is not regulated. Infant massage instructors and infant massage training providers do not have to meet any minimum standards to practice here.

Accreditation of infant massage training is therefore voluntary.

In Australia, Baby in Mind is the only organisation that offers a nationally accredited infant massage course. This is also the only accredited infant massage course that meets the national standards in cue-based infant massage education.

But I’ve seen other ‘accredited infant massage courses’ in Australia

Some infant massage training organisations in Australia say their courses are ‘accredited’.

Typically, these courses are accredited by organisations in other countries, who use the word differently.

For example, the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCTBTMB) ‘accredits’ a number of infant massage courses taught in Australia. However, The NCBTMB is a licencing body in the United States. It has no role or authority here in Australia. Their process of ‘accreditation’ is equivalent to a continuing education endorsement here in Australia. Therefore, this ‘accreditation’ has no relationship to the Australian training accreditation process.

In Australia, it is illegal to use the term ‘nationally accredited’ or ‘nationally recognised’, unless a course is approved in our national training system.

However, the use of the term ‘accredited’ on its own is a loophole that creates confusion for un-suspecting students. Therefore, it is wise to look closely at any claims of ‘accreditation’.

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Benefits of a Nationally Accredited Infant Massage Course:

  • Your training meets the needs of employers and community expectations. This is because nationally accredited training is based on industry and community consultation. The Baby in Mind course has been developed in partnership with many industry experts. These partners include: early childhood and perinatal health services, research institutes, community organisations, clinical experts and specialists, and large and small businesses in metro, rural and regional areas.
  • Your training course provides you with a set standard of skills, knowledge and competencies. This is consistent – regardless of your individual trainer, or where you do your training.
  • You receive a nationally recognised certificate on successful completion of your course. This is issued in line with the national qualifications framework.  In turn, this is more widely recognised in the sector, and more easily integrated with other qualifications.
  • The skills and knowledge you you gain through this course are transferable. This means your course is recognised in all states and territories of Australia.
  • You may be eligible for supplementary financial assistance from Centrelink to undertake this course.
  • The training provider (that’s us!) has to comply with strict standards regarding our practices. We have to meet standards in many areas that impact on your experience. Our compliance with these standards is regularly reviewed and audited by an external government assessor.

Course details:

Course name: Short Course in Cue-Based Infant Massage and Parent-Infant Relationship Education
Australian Qualification Code: 10282NAT
Relevant Competency Unit(s): CIMDCI001 Deliver Cue-Based Infant Massage and Parent-Infant Relationship Education to Families.
ANZSCO professional category: Health Promotion Officer (code: 251911).

Confirm our national accreditation at www.Training.gov.au

We are able to offer you a course with an organisation well-established in the community, with a high standard of ethics. Baby in Mind is a nationally registered Health Promotion Charity. To meet our Registered Training Organisation (RTO) requirements we partner with Relationships Australia SA (registration number 102358).

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