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Online courses for people promoting infant mental health

By 29/11/2016Blog, News

About Babies

offers online courses specifically for people working to support

early parent-baby relationships and infant mental health development.

  • Get better outcomes for the families you support by expanding your skills and knowledge.
  • Gain recognition for your learning with instant certificates.
  • Build your profile with the opportunity to earn and display Speciality Badges highlighting your areas of in-depth study.
About Babies offers online courses for people who want on-demand and focused learning opportunities, and is designed with YOU in mind – people who are at the forefront of promoting and supporting parent-baby relationships and who are building infant mental health promotion into their work with babies and families.

We know the challenge with most online learning is it is either too expensive (with a few exceptions, most “free” courses are simply an advertisement for more costly programs) or  require you to commit to a in-depth program of study – half of which may not even be relevant to your work.

There are some fantastic, in-depth and specialised training courses to give you skills in supporting babies and families with complex mental health vulnerabilities. The problem with this, however, is that most of us who have direct contact with families have much broader roles and are often working with families before problems are entrenched. And the skills needed to embed infant mental health promotion in these settings, are fundamentally different to providing focused treatment.

Display your progress and areas of specialisation with Badges

You have taken the time, effort and money to develop your specialisations in particular areas.
But it is difficult and clumsy to try and display all your certificates on your website or CV. Badges offer an effective way to display this in-depth knowledge you have gained to others, and to communicate your expertise, and to provide independent recognition of the work you have done
Badges can be obtained on completion of a series of learning packages within a focused area. 

About Babies is for people who want to consolidate, build on and “tweak” the skills and knowledge and interests they already have.

About Babies Offers short, “micro” courses of 1, 2 or 3 hours in duration in an on-demand format: enrol in and complete activities where and when it suits you. Courses may consist of a structured research review, an video presentation, or a more comprehensive set of activities. These are designed to suit you if you want to fine-tune your work in supporting parent-baby relationships, or want to begin exploring this area for the first time, but you do NOT want to spend hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars, or to give up precious family time to gain ideas that don’t add immediate value to your work.

As a charity, the fee for courses is on a cost-recovery basis of only $15 per hour of learning. This fee allows us to recover the costs of the software and admin involved in hosting the courses: and members are able to access further discounts of up to 40%!!! With most webinars costing around $30 – $60  per hour, this put relevant, accessible online learning within your reach.

During December we are piloting About Babies with some of our most popular topics  including:
  • Indicators of quality in infant massage education.

  • Infant touch and social development.

  • Evolutionary biology and neuroscience (the role of skin-to-skin and touch in early brain development).

With hundreds of hours of courses to continue to be added over the coming months!!!

Catch up with our CEO, Alice to see how easy it is to learn with About Babies, and to gain recognition for your knowledge:

During the launch and pilot of About Babies, we are offering a MASSIVE discount off the cost of initial courses added to the program.  

From now until midnight on 24 Dec 2016, we have reduced the cost of our initial courses available down by MORE THAN 30% from $15 per hour to JUST $10 PER HOUR!!!! If you want to try this out at low-risk, now is the best time as from Christmas day these courses will go back to their base price.


Premium members and community supporters CAN use their 40% discount IN ADDITION to this special offer – meaning you can access online learning for as little as $6 an hour.
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