Tips for dealing with the most common technical issues we are asked.

If your question is not answered here…please get in touch, we’d be happy to help! Please remember when contacting us for technical help, we can provide much quicker support if you are able to provide as much detail as possible.

Video speed:

Most online courses, including ours, use a lot of online videos. To give you the best possible learning experience, we store and ‘send’ these videos over the internet using a top-quality, highest-speed video host. Sometimes, you may find the videos are a bit slow to load on your computer. This is typically a problem caused by the speed of the user’s internet connection, or sometimes the software you have installed on your computer. If this happens remember there is nothing wrong you are doing, and the course is not broken.

To trouble-shoot this issue:

1 – Close any other programs you have open and re-start your computer.

2 – If you have an off-peak internet provider package, try doing your course-work in an off-peak time.

3 – If you have a lower allowance on the amount of data you can use on your internet, this can also affect speed – once you reach your limit. If you intend to try a lot of online learning courses, it may be worth increasing your data limit.

4 – Make sure that your programs for viewing videos are up to date.

Quiz question display:

Throughout this course you will have some quiz questions to complete, to check your understanding as we go.

Most of the questions are multiple choice, and you select your answer by clicking on the little dot next to the correct answer.

Some older computer systems have trouble displaying the “little dot”.

If this happens, to trouble-shoot this issue:

1 – Try using a different browser: typically Google Chrome and Firefox work well.

2 – You can still highlight the correct answer by clicking on the answer you want.

3 –  If you are still having issues, please contact us. We can often help you more quickly if you can provide as much detail as you can. If at all possible, please provide a screen shot of the display on your screen.

Accessing your certificate:

At the end of the course, on completion of all your quizzes and learning materials, you will be able to download a Certificate of Completion. To access this certificate:

1 – Ensure all your course activities are complete.

2 – Return to the main course page: the link to your certificate will be on a blue button displaying just underneath the page header image.

3 – If your name is not displayed correctly, you will need to go to the My Account page, and click on the green “update my details” button. Choose the correct name you want on your certificate from the “Display Name” field. This is where the certificate takes your name from, and once you have updated it, it will display correctly.