Dear Worker, Parent, Business Owner or anyone who feels life is out of control,

  • Are you struggling to find a sense of balance?  Does a fast-paced, over-connected world make it feel like your chance to enjoy life is slipping further away? This is for you!
  • Or are fear and lack of confidence holding you back from reaching for your dreams? THIS is for you!
  • Do you find it hard just to get through to the end of the day? Feeling like each task or conversation is a battle? This is definitely for you!

We know where you are coming from. Since 1994 our organisation has helped thousands of people doing the most stressful jobs in the world: in child abuse services, trauma centres, war zones, burns units, and many other places most people never see. Even though working in some of the most challenging places, life doesn’t stop: we all still have families to raise, bills to be paid, repairs to be organised, and life to be lived!

By far most popular support we’ve ever provided to our people to help them cope with stress, stay focused, and feel in control is mindfulness education.

And now we are able to make this self-care resource available for FREE to anyone who is a member of our organisation!!

Anyone, from anywhere in the world can join.

Although we think of stress as something that belongs only to people who make front-page news, we know that isn’t true. Owning a small business, running a household, providing for a family, going through a divorce, or working for a mean boss in a boring job are all recognised as major sources of stress. And even though you might want to some of these things, don’t you wish you could get through it all with greater joy and contentment?

You have good reason to want this. Long-term, low-grade chronic stress is known to be a risk factor for heart disease, insomnia, headaches, weight gain, premature ageing and some gut problems. Get your stress under control, and improve your ability to think clearly, to relate to others, to manage day-to-day problems and to follow your dreams.

This online course is PERFECT for anyone who wants to reduce stress and worry in their life, has very little time to themselves, and wants to gain a greater sense of calm and balance.

Have you known for some time that you need to do something to manage your stress, but not known where to start? Or seen those stress management programs that require lots of money (a BIG RED FLAG)? Perhaps you’ve been put off by stress management out of fear you’ll need to bend your body in strange directions? Or holding hands and chanting with people in a circle is just not your thing?  We’ve found a program that is easy, private and fits in with a busy lifestyle.

Our people have loved using this program and we want to get those benefits to you too. It’s never been easier to learn some of the skills for managing stress right from your mobile phone or computer.

Learning how to manage stress and calm your mind could be one of the most empowering things you’ve EVER done in your life. We provide our members with a subscription to a program called Headspace, as our preferred method for stress management. All members receive a VIP-access, FREE, 12-month online subscription to hundreds of hours of Headspace programs.

With your FREE Headspace subscription you get UNLIMITED ACCESS to hundreds of hours of guided activities to help manage stress, conflict and emotion. Today, it is easier than EVER to get your stress under control and your mind working WITH you to bring balance and calm to your life!!!

Headspace is a step-by-step program, starting with a 10-minute a day foundation program. Once you have the basics under your belt you can branch out. Use different packs in the program to apply the techniques in different areas of life.

Your online course can be accessed INSTANTLY! This is a “learn at your own pace” program and you are in the driver’s seat.

Mindfulness is making a real difference and bringing real results to so many people:

Sydney Morning Herald, 21/11/16

…mindfulness training courses are becoming the norm in huge corporations in big cities around the world. Companies are finding it reduces stress and absenteeism, increases productivity, develops better leaders, and generates more creative workplaces. It also enhances cognitive thinking skills and triggers more imaginative solutions.

Richard Feloni, Business Insider, 21/08/2016

Ever since I decided to try out the Headspace [mindfulness program] after hearing about it on Tim Ferriss’ podcast…I’ve been much calmer and more collected in times of stress. I’ve dealt with…anxiety since I was 11 years old, so that’s an accomplishment. Headspace isn’t a hippy-dippy placebo; it’s a straightforward teacher that helps you learn the basics of breathing and visualisation associated with secular meditation.

Dr. Hedy Kober, Neuroscientist, Yale University, TEDx Presenter

[Mindfulness meditation] did to my mind what going to the gym did to my body — it made it both stronger and more flexible. I started meditating to deal with a break up, but found it helped handle stress and unpleasant feelings in all areas of life.

University of California, LA, 5/2/15

A 2015 study from UCLA compared people who had practices mindfulness meditation with those who didn’t. Researchers found that those who practiced mindfulness meditation showed a lower frequency of loss of grey matter from the brain as they aged.

 Tom Daley, British Olympian, 26/07/16

I massively recommend Headspace. Lots of the English Institute of Sport guys are actually using it. It’s helped me…mainly focusing on my breathing, being completely in the moment and not getting ahead of myself. Not focusing on things that have been and gone… Every morning I do 10 minutes of mindfulness where I do meditation and I use that in competition and every day life. I’m getting better and better in being able to zone in on what I need to focus on. I started at the beginning of this year and I’ve done it every day since…I feel like that’s one of the reasons why this year I’ve been the most consistent that I’ve been in competition.

Anna Maxted, The Times, 26/07/2016

Admittedly, I had low expectations of Headspace for Kids – a..feature of the adult program used by 7.5 million people, including Emma Watson and Gwyneth Paltrow. Not me, though. We’re not that kind of family: we’re sporty and rarely sit still. Meditation isn’t part of our vocabulary.

Yet my boys do feel anxious from time-to-time and my attempts to relax them often fail. So, I reason, we might as well give this wafty self-help business a go. I’m astonished at their enthused response. We inhale and exhale, scanning our bodies and considering how tense each part feels. During the first bite-sized breathing exercise, Conrad fidgets but afterwards declares he’s ‘floppy and relaxed.’ Conrad prefers meditating outside, ‘so when you breathe in, you get fresh air.’

…its other positive effects are instant: one calm session invites kids to consider what mood they’re in, and access their feelings. Caspar tearfully details his concern about a classmate who he thinks is lonely. We agree to invite her over.

…Meanwhile, the sleep sessions are a revelation. As we lie on the kids’ carpet, listening to him exhorting us to relax our legs, feet, toes… my sons fall uncharacteristically silent. Conrad yawns, ‘I can’t move.’ Caspar murmurs, ‘It’s like my bones have been glued.’ Minutes later he’s asleep. The following day, Caspar scrawls in my notebook: ‘It makes you forget everything bad you’re thinking about, and relaxes everyone.’

I realise we’ve stumbled upon a life-changing habit. Forget Pokemon Go – Headspace is the app your kids really need you to download this summer.

12-month subscription to Headspace = $130 FREE for members


Join today and let’s get you some Headspace!!!


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  3. We will email you a UNIQUE, SPECIAL ACCESS CODE with instructions on how to access your FREE Headspace subscription immediately. (if you don’t get the email, check your spam folder).

Membership to Baby in Mind includes your unique access code to get an ACCESS-ALL-AREAS 12-month subscription to the full Headspace program, with hundreds of hours of guided mindfulness activities to help you find more balance and less stress. Access this INSTANTLY from your computer or mobile device (value $130  – for FREE) whenever and wherever it suits you.  

The subscriptions are donated to us by Headspace, and we only have a limited number to give away. Once they are gone, we will remove this page and the offer will no longer be available. We have already given away over 32% of available subscriptions and they are moving FAST. 

Community Supporter
Your contribution gives child abuse, neglect and trauma prevention programs to at least another 3 families
Free 12-month subscription to online Mindfulness program Headspace (value $130)
Discounted Virgin Australia Airline flights and eligible holiday packages
Other discounted services

Keen to know more? Here are three quick videos which give an insight into the Headspace mindfulness program:

Andy Puddicome, the founder of Headspace, explains why all it takes is 10 mindful minutes in this TED Talk.

Mindfulness is for parents too, helping to find balance during one the most intense experiences of life.

Subscribe to get unlimited access to dozens of 30-day mindfulness packs. Here’s how it supports your mind.

Community Supporter
Your contribution gives child abuse, neglect and trauma prevention programs to at least another 3 families
Free 12-month subscription to online Mindfulness program Headspace (value $130)
Discounted Virgin Australia Airline flights and eligible holiday packages
Other discounted services

Note: this product is a membership to registered Australian Children’s Charity,  Baby in Mind, that allows you to access a free subscription to online mindfulness education courses, run by an external partner organisation, Headspace and which is subscribed to by over 5 million people worldwide. Please don’t join with the intention of accessing your free subscription and then short-changing us by asking for a refund. We know that 99.9% of people are honest and not fraudulent, and that you understand that we offer this program as a community service, as well as to focus on our work supporting families. But please be aware that memberships are non-refundable if you simply change your mind. Membership fees are a token amount, but form the backbone of our organisation and your contribution is allocated to actual programs and services once you have joined.

Currency: All amounts on this page are stated in Australian dollars. Please note that subscriptions to Headspace are usually charged in $US – but we have converted the amount to Australian dollars on this page for your comparison. Therefore the value of a 12-month Headspace subscription is given in $Au, based on current currency conversion rates (Dec 2016). If calculating amounts in $US, the value of the Headspace Subscription is $95.88, and the cost of membership to Baby in Mind equivalent to US$21.60. These amounts may fluctuate.

Legal disclaimer: We have made every effort to represent this promotion and its potential accurately. We do not make any claim that this product or any mindfulness-based techniques can cure any sort of mental or physical illness. The program is for stress management purposes only, and not a substitute for treatment by a licenced, registered medical professional. If you have a mental illness we recommend you speak to your health care provider before using any mindfulness program. We do not claim, and cannot guarantee that any individual will experience specific benefits: the types of benefits experienced will vary between individuals and will be influenced by their personal circumstances and characteristics, background, motivation and other factors. The Headspace program is provided by an external organisation, and  Baby in Mind has no control or accepts any responsibility or liability for activities conducted by other entities.