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Breastfeeding and children in the classroom

If you are a parent of a baby or young child, we can provide a range of additional supports to help you attend the cue-based infant massage training.


We recognise the importance of breastfeeding for parents, babies, workplaces and communities. If you are breastfeeding, we aim to provide an environment which supports you to do this while you are attending our courses.

Our breastfeeding policy is that you can:

  • breastfeed your baby at any Baby in Mind organised activity, including our training;
  • breastfeed and express milk in any of our courses, where you feel safe and comfortable to do so. This includes in public places; and
  • negotiate to take reasonable breaks you need for breastfeeding and expressing breastmilk.

And we will:

  • make sure our training venues have clean facilities suitable for the storage of your breastmilk including a refrigerator/ freezer, a sink and suitable chair;
  • provide clean and suitable facilities (not a toilet or baothroom) if you want privacy whilst breastfeeding or expressing milk;
  • require that all our staff, students, volunteers and contractors respect your right to breastfeed your baby free from harassment and discriminsationl and
  • make all reasonable arrangements to accommodate breaks you need for breastfeeding and expressing breastmilk.

Bringing your child to the training

You must gain approval from us if you wish to bring a child to the training course.

Generally speaking, we are able to accommodate babies up to the age of about 6-8 weeks in the classroom setting to be with you during your training.

Older babies and children are generally welcome in the classroom (again, with prior negotiation and approval)  for shorter periods for breastfeeding and/ or cuddle breaks.  However, to ensure your learning – and the learning of other students – is not disrupted, babies and children over the age of 6-8 weeks will need a carer who can look after them outside of the classroom, between your breaks.

In addition, there are some circumstances in which we can’t accommodate babies or children in the classroom at all. These situations include:

  • when it would cause an unreasonable health or safety risk to your child, or to others in the classroom;
  • when your child has any signs of an infection;
  • if you have not communicated and negotiated with us before the course about your needs; or
  • when having the baby in the classroom unreasonably disrupts the work, learning or other activities others.

If you want to request to have your baby or child in the classroom (or to visit the classroom outside of designated breaks), you need to be aware that the classroom is also attended by adults and other infants who may not be fully vaccinated, or who are non-vaccinated.

Please send us details about your needs  before enrolling so we can let you know what support we can offer.

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