Your membership renewal can creep up on you. Even though we still have amongst the lowest membership and registration fees in the industry, paying out a lump-sum for your membership  fees each year can still be a real hassle.

Baby in Mind now offers our Professional Members the option to spread your membership fees out, in small payments, over the whole year in advance of your next renewal.

Setting up a monthly payment is a simple, one-step process. Payments are spread out over 10 months*, so that you barely notice them.

This means that when your renewal date comes around, you just need to fill in a simple form for your CPD and renewal requirements. There’s no need to worry about finding the money to pay for your fees, because you’ve already taken care of it.

Pay in Advance - ECONOMY
$16 per month (x10 months)
Registration to teach the First Touch Program
Use of Baby in Mind trademarks
Full-price access to PD webinars
Full-price books, oils and resources from First Touch Shop
Pay in Advance - PREMIUM
$21.70 per month (x 10 months)
Registration to teach the First Touch Program
Use of Baby in Mind trademarks
Priority and discounted PD webinars
Discounted books, oils and resources from First Touch Shop
Free Directory listing and page on Baby in Mind Website
Free mindfulness practice resources
Client gifts and benefits (to give to families you support)
Access to additional materials, resources, fact sheets and member areas on the website
Discounted business services (accounting, book-keeping, software)
Discounted lifestyle services (e.g. travel, mechanical)

By signing up to the pay-in-advance option, you acknowledge agreement to the following terms and conditions:

  • This product is ONLY available to Professional Members of Baby in Mind who have already been approved for membership.
  • The amount payable each month is subject to approval. If your renewal date is less than 10 months away, Baby in Mind will contact you and gain your approval to recalculate and adjust the amount payable each month so that fees are paid in full, one month before your renewal date.  If you do not agree to any adjusted amount, you can ask us to cancel your deductions immediately.
  • You can also cancel these deductions at any time, with 5 business days notice, in writing. If you cancel, any accrued balance will be deducted from your next membership renewal (less transaction fees). However, any accrued credit cannot be used for other purchases, nor refunded (except where required by law).