A guide to infant development in the newborn nursery

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This handbook of developmental care brings together ideas and up-to-date information from many sources to guide “best practice”. It provides practical help for professionals and parents.

The seven chapters cover

1. Introduction. Developmental outcomes and developmental needs of preterm infants; models and benefits of neonatal developmental care; preterm and newborn behavior; individualized developmental care and NIDCAP.

2. Development. Stage by stage outline of development from 23 weeks to term; sensory, motor and state development; neurobehavioural assessments; five step developmental care plan.

3. Procedures and Daily Care. Analysis of medical and nursing activities – e.g. taking blood, ROP screening, nappy change, bathing, with recommendations for good practice. More information about pain assessment and management has been added to this section.

4. The Environment. Light, noise and positioning; nursery evaluation checklists.

5. The Family. Family centred care; parents needs and concerns; transcultural care and working with translators; parenting activities; positive touch; kangaroo care.

6. Feeding: development of feeding skills; guidelines for breast, bottle and tube feeding; problem solving guide to infant feeding.

7. Appendix. Information about product suppliers; patterns for incubator covers; useful contacts; book reviews; training and conferences; a Charter for Family Centred Developmental Care The information is set out in short sections in varied styles to make it easy to dip into. Extensive bibliographies are provided to encourage further exploration of every topic.

(5th edn. 2010)


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