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recognition of prior learning for infant massage
Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for infant massage is the same for any course. It involves looking at the skills and knowledge you already have, and comparing it to the content of another course.

If you already have skills or knowledge from that course, you can be exempt for those parts of a course.

Rules about RPL are very strict. Matching your current skills and knowledge to a new course a very detailed process. Because it is a lot of work for a training organisation to do RPL, getting RPL doesn’t usually reduce your course costs

Can I get Recognition of Prior Learning for Infant Massage Training?

We are unable to issue recognition of prior learning for infant massage training. This includes students who may have completed previous training in non-vocational infant massage education.

There are two reasons for this:

(1) RPL is not typically used for parts of a competency unit, but a competency in its entirety. Therefore, RPL is used for courses that, typically, have several competency units. In contrast, our cue-based infant massage course is a short course comprised of one single unit of competency.

(2) Our teaching and assessment processes are holistic. This means that one assessment task can cover many parts of a skill or knowledge. As a result, it is not possible to take out various parts of the assessment to exclude what you have already done.

For these two reasons, RPL is not relevant, applicable or practicable for this infant massage course.

So what if I already know some of the content?

Students who already have an in-depth understanding of some of the topics covered in this course sometimes ask this question.

If this applies to you, please be reassured that all of our students come with prior knowledge and experience. You will not be alone in this way.

Baby in Mind uses adult education. This means we view your learning and development as a partnership between you and your trainer. In this partnership, your responsibility is to reflect on your learning needs and interests, and to communicate these with your trainer. Our responsibility is to help adapt and modify learning activities to reflect what you tell us about your needs and interests.

Therefore, regardless of your background and prior learning, we encourage to view the course material from the perspective of what is useful for you and how you intend to use your qualification. For example, if it is useful for you to focus on a particular topic, or you would gain more from adapting your learning activities, you can discuss your needs with your trainer.  As much as we possibly can, within our course requirements, we are happy to help you adapt and modify learning  activities. This way we can ensure you can do the course in a way that takes is useful to you.

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