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We know that sometimes, for a variety of reasons, some students enrolling in our course are unable to continue with their enrolment or complete their training. This can be due to circumstances beyond your control – such as illness or other unexpected situation – or because you change your mind.

For this reason we offer a range of options for you, at various stages throughout your student journey.

Before you enrol

Before you enrol in this course, we encourage all students to read the course information to ensure this course will meet your needs. In particular, we think that the information about the assessment and workload requirements, opportunities after graduation, and course suitability will help you make an informed choice.

After enrolling, you have a cooling-off period

If your enrolment form is submitted prior to 5pm (AEST) at least 6 weeks before your course commences, you have a cooling-off period of 72 hours from the time you submit your application, to withdraw and cancel your enrolment without becoming liable for the full course fees.

If you withdraw your application during the cooling-off period, you will not be liable for the full course fees. Any fees paid by you to Baby in Mind will be refunded. A $60 administration fee will still be charged.

We cannot offer a cooling-off period if you enrol in your course less than 6 weeks before your course commences. And you become liable for your fees on submission of your enrolment form.

We will give you a refund or waive your liability for fees in some situations:

We will issue you with a refund money you have paid to us and waive any liability for your fees if:

  • The course is postponed or cancelled by Baby in Mind ; or
  • Your enrolment is not approved; or
  • You withdraw your enrolment during the cooling-off period (less a $60 administration fee).

When we don’t issue refunds or waive liability for fees

Except when the cooling-off period applies, we do not issue refunds or waive your liability for course fees if you cancel, change your mind or do not attend or complete the course for any reason. This policy is strictly upheld.

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