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The Hippo

Professional development opportunities for people working to promote infant mental health.

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The Hippo is a magazine of professional development, training and education opportunities for people who work with babies and their families.
People who work with babies and their families play a pivotal role in early mental health development, performing some of the most important work in the Australian community.
The Hippo is a publication that brings together a wide range of professional development and training opportunities to support this vital work in infant mental health promotion.
We also include professional development opportunities to support medical, health, early childhood and welfare professionals who work with families in private practice.
The Hippo cover image is excerpted (with permission) from an enamel on composition gold leaf artwork by Greg Dunn called Hippocampus II (2010). The hippocampus is part of the human brain helping to regulate emotion and memory. During infancy and early childhood, the hippocampus grows in size and develops in direct response to the level of nurturing and responsive interaction the baby experiences in her relationships.
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The Parent Educator is for medical, health, welfare and early childhood professionals working in parent education. Topics include industry updates, sector news, private practice and business resources, and self-care.

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