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When we can transfer your enrolment

If you are unable to attend the course, you can request to transfer to an alternative course. Requests for transfers can only be approved when your request is made, in writing, via the appropriate form, submitted at least six weeks before your course commences.

Requests to transfer to another course received less than six weeks before your course commences cannot be accommodated – except in genuine and serious circumstances(*) that could not have been foreseen. We will provide a transfer for you in these circumstances when you:

  • advise us in writing of your inability to attend the course and the reasons for this before your course commences; and
  • provide valid supporting documentary evidence from a third-party (e.g. a doctor, social worker, case worker) verifying your inability to attend, within 7 days of your course commencement date.

If approved, a course transfer fee of $100 will apply. All course transfers must be to a course within 13 months of your original training date, and are subject to availability of places.

What if I get sick or am unable to complete the course, once it has started?

During Block 2 (the ten-week online block):

Block two must be completed before you can progress to Blocks 3 and 4 in the course.

During Block 2, you can request a short extension (7-10 days) on submission of learning tasks. This will accommodate situations like temporary illness and other unexpected situations that can arise now and then. However, all Block 2 work must be completed prior to attendance at Block 3 (your 3-day workshop).

If you experience unforeseen circumstances (as per our extensions policy) that will impact on your long-term ability to complete the course as planned, you may apply for a waiver of fees remaining. However, we cannot refund any monies already paid. Please also see our refunds policy.

During Block 3 (the 3-day workshop):

All three days of the face-to-face workshop must be attended in full, in order to complete your assessment and receive your qualification. If you or a dependent become unwell during the training, and you cannot complete all three days, we will offer you a place on an alternative course to make up your missed days. You must provide valid documentary evidence, and must attend your make-up days within 12 months.

If you do not make-up your missed course days within this 12 month period, you will forfeit your enrolment. We cannot waive your course fees owing, or provide refunds in this situation.

Block 4 (self-directed practical activities, after the four-day training course):

We recommend that students complete the learning tasks and practical activities for this Block within 6-10 weeks of attending their 3-day workshop. However, if you are unable to complete your learning tasks within this time-frame you have until 12-months from your course start date (Block 2) to finalise all course-work.

After your 12-month enrolment period expires, a final short extension may be approved in genuine and serious circumstances, in accordance with our extensions policy. To meet these requirements you must still be able to submit at least 50% of your course work by the due date, and provide suitable documentary evidence of your need for an extension.

(*) We define “genuine and serious circumstances” as being situations associated with your personal health or safety, or the health or safety of someone who is dependent on you. For example, we can approve a course transfer for situations associated with death, sudden or serious illness/ injury, or situations where you need to ensure your personal safety (e.g. due to domestic violence or unforeseeable mental health needs). We can also approve a course transfer if you are unable to attend the course because of unplanned responsibilities you have as a serving member of the Defence  or Emergency services. We are unable to approve late-notice course transfers to accommodate (for example) roster changes, birthday parties/ weddings, starting a new job, etc.

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